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Mobility & IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing in significant and unforeseen ways, it creates value for companies through sequences of activities enabled by specific technologies for each stage.

EnOS™ by Envision Digital

The intelligent cloud-based and open IoT operating system from Envision Digital connect your data, operations and system on a single IoT platform ready to accelerate, scale and integrate your world of insights into the world of intelligence.

Key Features

  • EnOS™ Edge - Intelligent Edge Computing Platform

  • EnOS™ Cloud - Enterprise-Grade AIoT Technology Foundation Built For Complex Needs

  • EnOS™ Common Services - Smart Applications as a Service

  • EnOS™ Visualization - Smart Data Visualization Solution

  • EnWeather - Smart Weather Prediction Solution

Samsung EMM Solution

Safeguarding sensitive corporate data gets more difficult every day. This solution satisfies international standards for computer security certification (CC) by letting administrators centrally manage employee access and protecting data with next-generation security protocols. 

Key Features

  • Simplify policy management

  • Keep critical data inside the firewall

  • Reduce admin workloads

  • Enhance security

  • Monitor mobile security compliance

  • Ensure safe data communications


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